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Quarantined with Kids Plus Easy DIY Activities & Games

Updated: May 21, 2020

Are your kids’ schools closed like ours for the next few weeks? 🤪 I put together some simple, FUN and quick set-up activities for kids.

If you are feeling scared, anxious, nervous and overwhelmed, I am too and that is ok. One day at a time is all we can do. I’m determined to bring YOU all some relief to get you through the next few weeks. 💛

How to Survive a Self Isolation Quarantine with Kids

Make a schedule

You don't have to follow the schedule, but mentally, it helps me feel like my day has some sort of structure and I’m not the only one who needs structure. Being home for long periods of time from daycare or school is weird and disorientating for the kids, too.

What my schedule looks like:

I make my kids clean up after themselves.

Usually, I tell my kids to clean up, and they sort of do, but then I usually end up finishing the task. And honestly, there aren’t enough minutes in my lifetime to watch my 3-year-old cleanup.

Now, though, we have time. WE HAVE ALL THE TIME (insert insane laughter as I paint my face with glitter).

And in order to move on to the next activity, I make them clean up. And if they don’t? We don’t move on. Because again, we have ALL the time in the world.

Create a Reward Chart

Every time my toddler gets 5 stickers/hearts she gets a gift 🎁. The gift can be anything from cheap toys you bought specifically for this and give them, a treat like candy, cookie, chocolate, or screen time. Whatever works best for your family and household. It's totally customizable from the tasks to the presents. Then we erase and start over. I laminated them and draw on them with dry-erase markers and wipe the markers off after they have earned their gift. And I left blank boxes for future editing or adding tasks.

This board has really helped my almost 3yr old when she tries to fight to do something I asked her to do, when she's trying to stop eating or when she refuses to go to bed or clean up. I remind her, "if you don’t eat, you won’t get a sticker and if you do, you will. Then you will be one sticker closer to getting your present/treat". And I involve her in showing her how I give her a sticker or don’t give her one and explain each time now you have 1 sticker, when you get 5, you will get your present... now you have 2, when u have 5... now you have 4, you only need 1 more... and then I ask her "how many do you need" and she says 5, and I say "how many do u have?" and she counts all 5 excitedly and I say "what present do u want?" and then I give it to her. You can start with 2 or 3 stickers (i say stickers but I use a marker or magnets)

This allows them to feel like they accomplished something and they get a reward when they accomplish it.

We actually started with 1 sticker when we first introduced the board. So I basically introduced the board to her but we didn’t use it so much in the beginning because I told her if she eats all her food she gets a treat. And when she ate it all I gave her a treat immediately.

I let her feel the reward and that it was real. Then we moved up to 3 stickers. And now 5.

I also sometimes say you need to do it because I asked you to, so I don't use the system for everything. I am also explaining why she should do these things and the importance etc and when she's older I guess the system will change according to her age, understanding etc.

I also do the opposite of it all, if she doesn't do something I asked her to do, I take things away. Again, not all the time but I also want her to know that actions have consequences. Then the "present" that she earns as one of her rewards can be to get her toy that was taken away back. She didn't eat her dinner tonight and now she cannot watch the TV. I turned it off. Also, my approach changes as I try things and see if they work for us or not.

(Great Idea shared with me by Orly)

I allow for more screen time.

With my first kid, I was pretty militant about screen time. With my second kid, less so, but I still have pretty strict rules.

Your mental health is more important than your kids watching an extra hour (or two) of screens. If you need a break so you can come back in thirty minutes and be a better parent, do it. Or maybe you just need to cook or brush your teeth or want to sit in peace and quiet while you drink a coffee. It's ok. Your still a good parent. We all need and deserve a break.

Educational YouTube Shows I recommend:

Potty Train

Use this time indoors to start potty training.


Color Match Game

I drew circles and colored them, then I found pom poms and little wooden people to use for color matching. I ask my toddlers to tell me the names of the colors as they place them. You can also make it more challenging and fun by timing it or by competition of who can do it the fastest.

Learn Colors & Create your own Masterpiece with this awesome Paint Squirting Idea!

We had so much fun painting these beautiful, original, one of a kind art pieces. The kids had even more fun by being able to make their own discoveries, squirting paint wherever they chose, and play with the materials.

Squirt bottle painting is such a fun outdoor art activity for kids. In my opinion (and the girls) it really is the best Summer art idea ever! We had so much fun! By squirting paint onto canvas's and large cardboard using paint-filled quirt bottles you can create some wall-worthy artwork as well as having loads of fun. Squirt painting is a fun Summer art idea that works on fine motor skills for preschoolers as well as being a super fun painting technique for kids of all ages!


- Squirt Bottles

- Paint

- Cardboard, Canvas, or whatever you want to paint on

- Glitter (optional)

- I also cut out their names using stencils from cardboard

JELLO Sensory Play Bin

Make a wiggly, jiggly fun sensory activity with a JELLO Sensory Play Bin. Add in a few toys and you’ve got a learning Jello bin. This was such a brilliant activity for my toddlers! They had a wonderful sensory experience digging and squishing in the cold Jello while telling me the names and sounds of the animals as they pulled them out. I also included cookie cutters for additional fun. It was a perfect mix of learning and play. The set up for this activity was so easy, I don't know why I have never done it before. I made the Jello the night before. As I poured it into pans to set, I added the toys. For our activity, I used four boxes of Jello for that massive amount. It was a lot. And it was also delicious. 👉🏼YOU’LL NEED: - Jello - Toys (animals, sea animals, cars, alphabet or number magnets, cookie cutters.... etc) - plastic bins, long flat pans

Fireworks Painting Activity... how fun is this?!! Fun project for the 4th of July!

👉🏼YOU’LL NEED: - toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls - paint, water paint works best 👉🏼Tips: • Add a small amount of glitter to the wet paint to finish off the ‘fireworks’ effect! • Use a ‘bounce and twist’ motion as you transfer the paint and fireworks pattern onto the paper. • Cut the cardboard tubes into different lengths to create different size firework prints. • Do not place the cardboard tubs into the paint until you are ready to use them because after a while the cardboard strips become soft and will break off after they have been in the wet paint for some time. • If you paint on black or dark paper the colors really pop. Also try this with fluorescent paint, it looks amazing. 👉🏼Learning Opportunities: • Imagination and Creativity • Fine Motor Development • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control • Cause and Effect • Color recognition and creating new colors.

Fun DIY Activities to Celebrate Independence Day / 4th of July 👉🏼YOU’LL NEED: - paint - glue 💥 Fireworks: - toilet paper rolls - cut out paper circles just a bit larger than toilet paper roll for top - decorations: sequins, glitter... ✡ Stars: - popsicle sticks - string


- Fruit Juice - Fruit Slices/Diced Fruit

Painting Nails

Please disregard my horrible drawing. I just traced my hands and let my daughter paint the nails. She loves this activity and asks me to do it every day. She is so focused, it's amazing, honestly, I have no idea why but hey if it makes her happy, I'm happy. :)

DIY Poke Holes in a paper towel roll

let kids stick objects threw it

DIY Sun Spinner

🐰 DIY Cardboard Bunnies & Spring Flowers

Using cardboard I drew two bunnies for my girls to decorate with flowers they collected on our walk through nature that morning. 🌸🌺🐿 I gave them some glue sticks and they stuck on all the beautiful flowers they had found. 🐾💖🐰

Bunny Stamp Painting

Feed the Bunny

Animal DIY Cardboard Game made from a Box & Balls we had in the house already. You could also use Pom Poms or rings. We made a Family game out of it, seeing who could actually make the balls into the bunny. The kids had so much fun. • Develop Fine Motor Skills • Hand-Eye Coordination • Color Recognition

Play a Game of Egg Hunt Bing

Kids love to search and find the colorful eggs. AND This can be played indoors.

Do limit the hunt to one room or one part of the house. I always stuck to just the living room and the dining room, which were right next to each other for round one and then the kid's bedroom or playroom for round two. Although we would go back and forth several times since my toddler wants to play again and again. Create a fun learning experience by adding different items inside the plastic eggs like animals, dinosaurs or other objects or toys around the house. This makes the game more interesting and exciting. When they find the eggs, have them explain what's inside. "What's the name of the toy or object? Describe the object. Ask the child what [he or she] thinks about the object. You are looking at a dinosaur! That is a very strong dinosaur, isn’t it? Do you like dinosaurs!? That dinosaur is green and yellow. And look, over there, there’s another one—do you know what to call it? Create a word search or Learn the alphabet game.

Put a letter inside of each egg, and make it so that all the letters together form a word or phrase. After they find the eggs, they can sit and form words.

Fill 26 eggs with letters inside and after they find them all, help them put the letters in order. Activity Eggs Add activity notes inside each egg for example, "Do 10 jumping jacks" and have the kids complete the exercise before they find another or offer rewards like getting a piece of candy.

For toddlers, simplify the directions to age-appropriate things like, "Hop like a bunny", "Sing Baby Shark" or "Do a dance".

Let the crafting begin!

Gorgeous Egg Carton Flower Crown or Wreath


  • Egg Cartons

  • Paint

  • Glue Gun

  • Hairband

  • Gemstones

  • Pom Poms

  • Pearls

The flowers were made from egg cartons, and painted. Leaves were also made with egg cartons. Leave the flowers out to dry overnight. Then use a glue gun to attach them to a hairband. Add gemstones, pom-poms, and pearls to decorate.