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Simple, Educational, & Affordable DIY Activity Ideas for Kids

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Play with the air, dance with the wind and invest the space by creating various arabesques with a ribbon wand.

This wand encourages children to move, waving and twirling to create beautiful figures, exploring the movement of the ribbon as they dance!

I have no idea why but my 2yr old has always enjoyed holding a ribbon while walking and watching it drag along the floor after her. This was so easy to make, took literally a minute. I bought a simple wooden stick from the local craft store and I had some ribbon at home. I screwed into the wood stick a circular screw and tied the ribbon to it.

DIY Paint Palette Color Match Game

A great activity to develop fine motor skills as they work on their pincer grip to squeeze open the pins.

This took just minutes to make. I used a wooden paint palette shaped board I bought in the local craft store for $2 but you could also use a cardboard box, wooden clothes pins or pegs and markers 🌈

DIY Ball Drop Game with Color Recognition

This is a fun activity for my little one. She loves dropping balls wherever she finds an opportunity. I decided to use colors to promote color recognition while she did this activity. She really enjoys it and was so happy when I introduced it to her. This one is definitely going into the rotation and kept her quiet occupied for about 20 minutes or so. I made this toilet paper rolls wrapped in colored tape, then used clear tape to attach them to a cardboard box we had leftover from a new washing machine purchase. You could easily tape the rolls to a wall as well. I then bought styrofoam balls and we painted them together the same colors as the toilet paper rolls and there you have it, a homemade ball drop game.

A second ball drop game that the kids love, I made by cutting circle shapes out of the top of a shoe box and buying large pom pom balls to push through the holes.

Montessori Color Sorting Activity

This Color Sorting Activity encourages cognitive skills that are fostered while learning about specific concepts pertinent to the bin’s contents, in this case, putting the correct colored blocks into the same color cup. My daughter does this so fast, I take it out every other day and she sorts in about a minute and then cleans it all up and returns it to it's place. My youngest daughter loves watching her do so and then messing it all up.

I had both colored cups and colored blocks from other games in the house, so I decided to recycle these toys and create a color sorting activity.

These cups originally came with fruits and vegetable toys that are to be sorted by color. Promoting kids to learn the names of each fruit and vegetable and what color they are. A great game that I highly recommend and has been a fun way to learn and play.

Ring Toss Game

I used the same colored cups above to create another game, ring toss.

This can be played anywhere, it's also fun for camping or beach trips. Helping to develop kids skills and improve eye-hand coordination as well as fine motor skills plus math addition. This is also a great family game where you can start to teach your kids a valuable lesson about working together and team spirit by promoting a healthy competition rather than only winning. Also, a perfect bonding tool. I even created different "levels" of play by drawing lines on the driveway that are progressively farther away.

Egg Hunt Bingo Game including Learning animals, dinosaurs or other objects

My daughter loves this game and requests it. We play it outdoors in the park or even just inside when it’s too hot in this summer heat. She loves to search and find the colorful eggs with different items inside. In this video below, we used the characters from her Disney Animators Playsets but I also bought small animals and dinosaurs that we use as well to Learn their names.

I bought 12 eggs on AliExpress for $2 and little animals and dinosaurs at the local toy store for $2 a pack. This is super inexpensive and a fun learning experience for toddlers.

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