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Why do People Judge Stay At Home Moms, especially to their face?

Stay at Home Moms never start to tell other parents things like "Why do you put your kids in daycare? Why wouldn't you quit your job and stay at home with your kids? Do you know it is bad for them to be put in daycare at such an early age and to have more than one caregiver? ....." We would never say things to people to make them feel like Bad Parents and probably because we know exactly what it feels like because it is done to us ALL THE TIME, every day. As if we don't have enough on our plates, we don't need to get confronted by strangers or friends and family about our choices to be stay at home moms. Don't Judge the Stay At Home Mom or anyone for that matter! People have strong opinions about things that don't affect their lives and it's annoying. SAHM's need a break from their kids and burnt out. They are lonely but it's a lot of work to leave the house. She does nothing but clean up messes and everything is always a mess. Her entire life revolves around other people. What she is doing is harder than you know. (For real life Mom Memes to help lift your day or at least relate to - check out )

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