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Disney Embroidered Name Tags

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

.....for Stroller, Backpack, Diaper Bag, Wheelchair, Bike, Luggage and more.

This unique Disney name tag is perfect for your personal items and every day use. You can attach it to your stroller, backpack, diaper bag, lunch box, bedroom door, or anything else you would like to hang it from. Also great for stocking stuffers or to sew onto a stocking or backpack like a patch.

The tag is especially great your trip to Disney World or for the Disney fan to attach to their rented stroller, wheelchair or scooter while in the theme parks so your rental can be easily found in the crowds.

With this tag you can quickly and easily identify your stroller, wheelchair or scooter in the them parks and also ensure other people know that it isn't theirs.

While at the theme parks with a stroller, wheelchair or mobility scooter, you are required to leave these items in designated areas while going into a show or ride. The employees then move these items keeping them in perfect lines, although when you return from the ride, your stroller, wheelchair or scooter is no longer exactly in the same spot you left it, you then have to search the designated area for yours and all the rentals look the same. So, in order to easily spot your rental and for others not to get confused and take your rental, this name tag identifies and labels your rental.

Just $16.99.

To Order, Contact Me.

To Order, Please contact me. Just $16.99.

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