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A Children’s Fashion Line So Luxe, You’ll Want to Wear It Yourself

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Luxe but Cute Costume Ideas for Children

For the most stylish kids you know.

Bestowing the right costume upon the little one in your life comes with a certain kind of magic. Are they trendsetters? Fashion icons in the making? Were they born brilliant, bad, and a little bit mad? Is wreaking havoc their personal specialty? Shop the Cruella deVil costume that is wicked genius from Super Fancy Kids!

Glam Costumes for the Diva on Your List

If it’s gorgeous, fancy, or bedazzled, we’ve got it.

Kids love fashion for the same reasons adults do — it’s a fun way for them to flaunt their own style. You really can’t blame them. My kids love make-believe and dress-up. I believe magic is for everyone and imagination is for everyone—that’s how I want people to feel when they see and experience Super Fancy Kids. It’s a sparkly, fun, slightly wacky club and everyone is invited!

Make a fashion statement this winter.

“Gorgeous and vicious. My favorite combination.” Cruella

The spot to shop for your mini’s wardrobe

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