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Make a Splash with these Summer Must Haves for Toddlers

Bring the thrill of a water park to your home!

These Summer Must Haves will keep your little ones active all summer long!

As a stay-at-home mom, sometimes I prefer staying home rather than finding activities outside the house. So I have found the Best Items to keep the little ones active and happy without leaving the house. Happy Babies, Happy Mommy, Happy Hubby.

1) This Bubble Mower is a huge hit with my 2 yr old. She and I think just about every toddler loves the push and walk toys and bubbles! She absolutely loves this bubble mower, she walks around the yard pushing it for hours, she just comes over to get refill of bubble solution and she is off walking and talking and stops to show us her bubbles or to dance in the bubbles or chase the bubbles. When we walk to the park all the little kids and even the big kids run after her and are so impressed with her toy. Parents take videos and ask me where I bought it! It is the perfect toy to keep kids entertained. Just make sure to have lots of bubble solution on hand and your set for tons of bubble fun. It will blow bubbles without having to be pushed as well.

2) The Fun Zone Pop ‘n Splash Surprise is an interactive indoor/outdoor game that's bursting with surprise! Our family and friend's kids had so much fun with this pop n splash surprise toy by Little Tikes it lasted hours. Assembly wasn't to hard, I was able to put it together myself in about 10 minutes. It's loads of fun and the best part is that you never know when it will pop and get you all wet. The kids really loved taking turns spinning the wheel, turning the cranks, and loved the sprinkler with water that sprayed out. It was such a hit that I also recommend it for birthday party's.

3) The Sandy Lagoon water table makes your backyard or deck into a miniature water park. This toy has lots of integrated activities to keep children involved, while promoting hand-eye coordination, active play and social play, making it an excellent sand and water table for toddlers. This was a huge hit for our 2 yr. old and our 9 month old even enjoyed playing in the sand and water with her sister. This is a great toy that allows your child to explore and play as he or she wishes. The toy is well made and sturdy and will probably be enjoyed again next summer. The table supports 50 pounds of sand and my daughter's weight as well as she played and even climbed up almost onto the table! Her favorite part was being able to scoop up water and push down the lever that makes the plastic people go down the slide. I can't wait to watch my girls enjoy it all summer long.

4) SplashEZ 3-in-1 Children’s Sprinkler Pool - Splash Pad creates a miniature splash park at home and has become our FAVORITE go-to toy. I couldn't have something more perfect. My 2 yr old loves splash parks. If I want to get her exhausted, I just put on her bathing suit, go outside and play in the splash pool and then come in for lunch and nap. It works like a charm every time. It is so easy to set up, you literally just stick a hose in it, no inflating required. My daughter also loves the images and pointing out the animals and the ABC's in which I love too because we can incorporate a learning lesson while playing in the pool. This pool creates hours of fun for my girls. The request it and I don't have to go somewhere public which is a win win for mommy. It is also compact so does not take up much storage space when not in use. Seriously this is one of those items I am recommending to all my mom friends, it's a lifesaver on hot days.

5)This Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler is huge. My daughter had a blast for several hours. I put this over an inflatable pool therefore it fills the pool slowly which is better for young children and the water doesn't saturate the ground. What I also like is you can control the sprinkles with the hose pressure. My baby was a bit surprised by the sprinkles so I turned down the water pressure and it only sprinkled water from a few spots on one side which it made it less intimidating.

6) The FRESH CUT Minnidip Luxe Inflatable Pool adds vibrant fun to your backyard! I love this playful and adorable Minnidip pool. This pool fits up to 3 adults as well as small children if you don't fill it with too much water and your in the pool with them at all times. I personally like that my kids can't climb out of it. Their trapped inside with me or can't get in without me. Plus the premium soft touch non-toxic vinyl is amazing. It is easy to set-up with an air valve-inflate or with a standard air pump.

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