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Breastfeeding my toddler only when Sick

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

So I don’t see anything online about breastfeeding a weaned toddler only when they are sick.

Maybe because most mothers no longer have milk after the toddler has weaned.

I happen to have a 5 month old that is breastfeeding and my 1yr 11 month toddler who no longer breastfeeds.

But then, one day, my toddler was very sick. She wasn’t eating, wasn’t drinking enough fluids and vomiting. I knew the best thing i could give her was breastmilk. It would keep her hydrated, give her antibiotics and nutrients and she would be able to keep it down. Plus my breastmilk would also help prevent my 5 month old from getting the illness.

I had fears that if i breastfed my weaned toddler, she would remember and want to continue breastfeeding and I didn’t want to go back down that road, go backwards.

My toddler was so sick, she didn’t want to play, she was not herself and i just couldn’t see it any longer.

So I decided to breastfeed her.

I cannot explain enough the miracle that happened next. After about 20 minutes on the boob one time, she whined a little bit for more. I distracted her with something else and she returned to her normal self. Was active, played, ate, drank with no problems. She was still sick but in a much better mood and eating and drinking on her own and overcame the sickness within a few days.

But also to my surprise she did not ask for boob again nor did i plan on giving her any unless i felt extremely necessary.

I was very happy.

A few months later, my toddler became sick again. No eating, not acting herself, not drinking enough. So I decided to breastfeed her, she breastfed once for about 20 minutes and immediately returned to herself. And does not ask for boob after or again.

I thought I would share my experience in case anyone was thinking about it or on the fence, I suggest Go For It!

I now call it Miracle Milk, hehe

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