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Double Stroller or Glider Board?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

While pregnant with my second daughter; and my oldest would only be 16 months on due date.... I had to start considering a double stroller. I was very much against the idea of a double stroller. I didn't want something heavy, big and difficult to lug around everyday, all day.

I started the journey of searching and testing every double stroller I could get my hands on physically. I spent a month and a half traveling to multiple baby stores and even went to different cities in the US to see, feel and experience as many options as possible before making my final decision.

I am currently living overseas, in Israel, where the streets and sidewalks are a bit rougher, the elevators and locations are smaller than what I am used to in Florida and traveling without a car was my priority choice.

Not only do I love and prefer walking, taking in the scenery, soaking up the sun and just enjoying nature, I also prefer to avoid traffic, road rage and driving around for 20 minutes searching for a parking spot. Plus, at the time, I was driving a $750 car with no air condition in the middle eastern heat. Therefore, finding the right option was extremely important.

I hated all the double strollers I saw, and I didn’t know how or think i could manage with the double strollers in Israel.. I have the Graco Downton which lays down flat for a bassinet or sits up straight for a 5 yr old and the car seat click connects. I love it very much. I bought it as the practical purchase while pregnant with my first child. It is Amazing and I highly recommend it. I am a huge advocate of the Graco Downton and recommend it to all my friends, in fact, three of my friends here in Israel bout it and all are very happy. It rides comfortably, easy and smoothly also on rough terrain. It grows with your child, it's not heavy, it's super easy to close as one piece, the seat rotates to face you or the world, the shade cover is one of the longest I've come across, providing plenty of shade, it has cup holders and tray for both mom and child.... The pro's go on and on. Only negative would be the handle cushion has a few cuts because I bought separately and attached one of those large metal clip bag holders. However my friends who did not put any metal hooks, their handle cushions are still in perfect condition. And I sweat pretty badly in my hands so the cushion is not great for me.

Graco Downton

Since I love my Graco and didn't find a double stroller I liked or felt comfortable with, I decided i will buy the glider board with seat to attach to my Graco. I was praying my 1.4 yr old would walk (she was walking at 11 months) or ride on the glider.. I also have a Lillebaby carrier which I could use for the baby if my oldest needed the stroller.

I was nervous since I heard mixed reviews about the glider board, some say 'it's excellent, their kid loves it" while others say "their kid hates it, they can’t lean back or take a nap, there is no cover from rain or sun...." etc.

One reviewer stated: "I guess it depends on how often you’ll be using the stroller with both kids and what you’re using it for. Personally, the glider board wouldn’t work for us. We go to the park for a long walk everyday and afterwards my toddler plays on the playground. I can’t imagine him sitting on a glider board without a shade for that whole time. It gets hot and it often rains too. I love my double and I use it everyday with my 8 and 26 month old."

A second reviewer said "I think it all depends on the type of walking you do. I walk for at least an hour a day with the dog in the morning so if you walk for a long amount of time I would definitely say that that’s too long to expect your older child to stand on a glider board. I would also keep in mind that pushing a stroller and having a one and 2-year-old or two-year-old walking can be a bit tricky since you have to hold her hand and around the age of two my son turned into a runner so it is difficult to push my daughter in the stroller somewhere and have him walking unless my husband is there for safety reasons."

I was hoping I was making the right decision and went about doing my research on glider boards. There are no Glider Boards that fit the Graco Downton Travel System, not even the universal models. Most stroller companies make their own glider boards as an extra accessory item or there are several universal models on the market. After reading just about every review out there, none fit the Graco Downton stroller. I then decided to try my luck and check out the stores to see if I could test some physically. And to my luck I found the Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy 4-Wheel Rider and it fit my Graco Downton and was comfortable to walk with. My feet didn't kick the glider while walking, and the wheels swivelled easily, comfortably and smoothly. I left the store with my Glider and felt my task had finally been completed.

To my surprise, my 16 month refused to sit or stand on the glider board. I am not sure why; if she was frightened, didn't feel safe or comfortable... but she would not use it. I had a complicated delivery and was advised against lifting my oldest and as a stay at home mom with a curious toddler on the loose... not having a stroller seat for her was impossible. I couldn't carry her, nor did I want to carry her all the time and I couldn't chase her with a newborn. It became difficult to leave the house and so the search for a double stroller began again.

My husband was recommended by a co-worker to the Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller with a bassinet and seat option as well as two seats. He and his wife had just purchased it a few months prior and they highly recommended it. We went immediately and bought it without hesitation. It was a no-brainer at that point.

Now, 6 months later, I would definitely recommend the Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller. It is a bit heavier than I would have wanted but not too heavy, it's manageable. It has a 2 bassinet, 2 seat, or 1 bassinet 1 seat option with multiple seating position options. It has a very large storage basket. It rides well on any terrain with very strong wheels and it is long instead of wide which is the best feature I think.

Cons include no cup holders, no storage areas to hold keys, phone, or necessities, must purchase cup holder and tray for seat separately, when you close the stroller it doesn't stand up on it's own, which makes it difficult for storage and your trunk needs to be open and ready to put it in once you close it otherwise it will lay on the ground. The bassinet must be taken off and put on every time you open and close the stroller and it takes a lot of space in the car, so need large car or trunk space.

I do get a ton of compliments on it while out in public. At least once a week I have someone asking me the name of the stroller, if I recommend it, where I bought it, and more. I have even caught a few people taking pictures of the stroller. People seem to be very impressed and unaware of this model. I must say it is the best purchase.

Now I have 3 strollers..... oh voy voy...

But each stroller has different reasons and benefits behind them and to be honest I do love them all and having the opportunity to choose between what I need depending n where I am going.

I chose the Chicco Mini Bravo Plus because I wanted something simple and small. It is lightweight, smaller than my Graco Downton and super easy to open and close and carry in one hand. It stands up alone while closed, unlike the Baby Jogger. It has an extremely soft cushion making it the most comfortable seating for child. It has cup holder and tray for parent and child. I wouldn't say it is good for off road, rough terrain areas but for inner city and theme parks like Disney World, it is a winner. It fits in the car very easily.

Graco Downton Travel System

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